That's A Wrap!

Our amazing trip is over, but stay tuned for more awesomeness from Mike and David!

The Final Recap

David is now back in Tucson, attending classes at the University of Arizona. It’s been almost two weeks now since our summer adventure ended. Before we started our trip, we set out six major goals that would define the trip as a success. Here’s how we did on them. 1. Helping Others: Help 100 people [...]

Video Love: Nick Reese

I don’t want to say we saved the best for last, but we saved the best for last. Nick, here is your Video Love! Nick Reese is simply amazing. He has the “Midas Touch” in everything he does which comes primarily from his character as a person. So much of the goodness in my life [...]

Video Love: The 10 Shot, 10 Shoutout Challenge

I’m not gonna lie, one of the hardest parts of the trip was finding the time to film 26 video shoutouts to our amazing friends who helped support our project on Indiegogo. Between volunteering, driving, blogging, uploading pictures, and being present for our friends, it was difficult to squeeze them all in. Martha Beck has [...]

Video Love: 10 Shoutouts from New York City

We love New York City. The food, the people, the nightlife, and the silly pictures that result (see above). So here is another Video Love segment shot from our final stop on the road trip: New York City. Thanks again to all of our supporters for making this happen.   1. Matt Parrett Matt is a [...]

Should I Finish College?

I’ve asked this question hundreds of times to myself and the rockstars around me. We’ve been staying with incredible people these past few months who have crafted unbelievable lives for themselves. I’ve taken their words very seriously, because they’re already living what I dream to do in the next five years. But A Summer To [...]

We Won The Lottery

We grew up in a very normal, middle class family. Our dad worked for the government for all of his adult life and for most of David’s life he worked the night shift. In college (and especially in the MBA program) I used to make comparisons between my family and my friend’s parents and get [...]

Morgan’s Wonderland: A Special Place For Special People

For most parents, taking their kids to a park or playground is a chance to for them to relax in the shade or read a book. For the most part, unless the child is very young, they can run, jump, swing, slide, and climb without any assistance from the parent. For a parent with a [...]

We’re Coming Home

We’ve officially hit the 75% mark of our adventure. Wow. It’s hard to believe we have less than a month left, but looking back we’ve already fit several years of life experiences in the first two months. We’re getting pretty run down and I’m a little disappointed we haven’t been blogging as much as we [...]

Other People’s Children: Nature’s Antidepressant

Here’s a simple idea for bringing more joy into your life: Hang out with other people’s children. We’ve had the pleasure of spending a considerable amount of time with children in the past couple of weeks. Our hosts in Butte, MT had two children under the age of five. Our friend Tavo in Bend, OR [...]

Seeking Truth At The World Domination Summit

David and I just spent a week in Portland as volunteers for the World Domination Summit, a conference of superheroes and game changers put on by Chris Guillebeau. Last year I attended the conference on a whim and it was like taking the red pill in The Matrix. There was no turning back to my [...]